Snowplow stream enrich Iglu behind Corporate proxy Config ? Connection Error

Hi All,

Enrichment is failing due to connection timeout because the iglu server setup cant be accessed. It can be accessed by curl but not through code due to corporate proxy setup in Ec2 instances. Is there any conf that I can use to add in proxy?

Using Scala collector -> Scala Stream Enrich

Thanks In Advance

Hello @greyamigo,

Did you try to use curl from same network/EC2? What was the URL?


the curl connectivity works because of the http_proxy , https_proxy and other proxy variables set to correct values .

But from within the code when scala stream enricher tries to access this it will time out .

I got the same response when i tried curl without proxy too.

I could not even use the snowplow hosted iglu central because that connectivity also cannot be done unless through the proxy .

My thinking now is to host the iglu server on a nginx inside the same ec2 instances. unless there is some conf which does what I am after