Snowplow Stockholm Meetup Oct 2022 - a review

On the eve of Stockholm Measure Camp on October 8th, 2022, Snowplow held its first Community meetup in Sweden, kindly hosted by Visma at their gorgeous Stockholm offices in Lindhagensgatan.

After a brief introduction to Snowplow by our Head of Community, Eddie May, Brian Ye (Product Insight Lead) of Visma looked at how Visma has deployed Snowplow open source.

Visma are a global company, HQ’d in Sweden, and Visma

“is a leading provider of core business software for a more efficient and resilient society.
We simplify the work of companies and organisations of all sizes, empowering people and helping businesses grow and thrive.”

As part of their growth strategy they acquire companies and incorporate them into the Visma ecosystem. As part of this strategy they have a rapid onboarding process, and they deploy Snowplow internally to track this process to understand user behaviour and also deploy it to the products of the new acquisitions. Using a templated onboarding process, Visma is able to onboard 40 businesses a year and provide these new companies with a product analytics platform based on Snowplow.

Brian outlined four learnings from this rapid onboarding process:

  • Enabling user behavioral data is an organisational challenge
  • Speed and support is vital
  • Eagerness for new tech is important
  • Trust in the data collected is crucial

In all of the above, Snowplow plays a vital role.

Where possible at our meetups we try to broaden our discussions beyond Snowplow itself, not least because Snowplow can be deployed to satisfy a large number of use cases, from web and product analytics, to marketing attribution, customer journeys and retention, through to advanced AI/ML implementations. For this reason we were particularly pleased to welcome Juliana Jackson of Media.Monks to present on Measurement Planning using the Q.I.A. model.

“Planning can seem daunting at first. There are so many marketing and product metrics to track during all growth stages of your company, but how do you know which ones will provide actionable information for the context you are in? In my session, we will learn how to identify our data maturity stage and plan accordingly to effectively collect, analyze and use data to meet your business goals and objectives.”

Juliana outlined the The Question, Information, Action model from Chris Mercer, in the following ways. What questions do I want to answer, what information do I need to answer those questions, & what actions will I take when I have the answers. She placed the implementation of this framework within the context of the data maturity of organisations. In the course of her presentation she outlined the importance of treating data as a product.

All in all, this was a very successful first Snowplow meetup in Sweden. We’d like to thank Brian Ye and his team at Visma for hosting us and making us all feel very welcome. We’d also like to thank our speakers, Brian and Juliana Jackson for their informative and entertaining presentations. Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the audience as well, who asked some excellent questions and helped make the evening special. We’re looking forward to doing it again in 2023! If you are interested in hosting a Snowplow meetup, get in touch