Snowplow Snowflake Loader 0.7.0 released

We’re happy to share that Snowflake Loader 0.7.0 is released!

0.7.0 introduces support for Snowflake Storage Integrations, bumps snowflake-jdbc driver to 3.12.10 and some under-the-hood improvements.

Storage Integration

Storage integration is the recommended authentication method over static IAM credentials or IAM roles.

We’ve published a new schema where top-level auth can be configured with integrationName key whose value is name of the storage integration.


Pre-0.7.0, Snowflake users in AWS us-west-2 region had to use us-west-1 in their config due to bug #102. Users in us-west-2 must update their config file to reflect the region correctly.

To make use of the new versions of the Snowflake Transformer and Loader, you will need to update your Dataflow Runner configurations to use the following jar files.



More information on how to setup and use Snowflake Loader is available at our documentation website.