Snowplow R99 released with support for Google Analytics

We are excited to announce the release of Snowplow R99 Carnac:

This release adds the hotly anticipated Google Analytics integration to the Snowplow batch pipeline, allowing users to pipe their GA data into their own data store and perform any analysis on it that they wish.

This release is the culmination of an initiative which was first mooted in this RFC:


Hi, do you plan to update the Scala Stream Collector to work with this great GA plugin? Should we expect this to be implemented any time soon?

“At the time of writing, only the Clojure Collector in Snowplow supports the Google Analytics adapter. Hopefully they’ll release support for the Scala Stream Collector soon”


Thanks a lot

Hi @kutny,

Great timing for a great question - yesterday’s R100 Epidaurus release actually brings our Google Analytics support to the real-time pipeline. Here’s the release announcement, although it doesn’t actually mention that fact:

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