Snowplow Python Tracker v0.15.0

We are pleased to announce the release of the Snowplow Python Tracker v0.15.0.

This release adds the option to parse a Session object to the emitter allowing users to pool connections increasing efficiency of the tracker under heavy usage. It also adds an example Redis app in preparation for the removal of the Redis emitter in V1.

New Features:
Use Requests session for sending events (#221)
Add Redis example app (#322 )


To upgrade using pip:

pip install snowplow-tracker==0.15.0

Full details of how to upgrade to the latest version can be found here.

See the setup section in the documentation for more information.

On GitHub: GitHub - snowplow/snowplow-python-tracker: Snowplow event tracker for Python. Add analytics to your Python and Django apps, webapps and games

On PyPI: snowplow-tracker ยท PyPI