Snowplow Python Tracker v0.13.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Snowplow Python Tracker v0.13.0.

This release contains a number of new features including the introduction of the Snowplow API, built in retry mechanism for failed events and the EventStore.

New Features:
Adds Snowplow Interface (#295)
Adds retry for failed events (#296)
Adds customisable retry codes (#297)
Adds EventStore with max limit (#309)
Adds Snowplow Example App (#302)

Under the hood:
Fix Collector URL with trailing ‘/’ (#300)
Rename unstruct_event to self_describing_event (#298)
Upgrade set-output in cd (#294)


To upgrade using pip:

pip install snowplow-tracker==0.13.0

Full details of how to upgrade to the latest version can be found here.

See the setup section in the documentation for more information.

On GitHub: GitHub - snowplow/snowplow-python-tracker: Snowplow event tracker for Python. Add analytics to your Python and Django apps, webapps and games

On PyPI: snowplow-tracker · PyPI