Snowplow Public Roadmap no longer available?

I just realized that the Public Roadmap is no longer available. Is this a bug or maybe purposely and related to the change to the community license?

I found it a helpful source to better understand in which direction Snowplow is developing and what is currently being worked on.

Hi @davidher_mann,

Indeed the Public Roadmap is no longer available, at least for the time being. We’ve observed very few views on it, so it was not clear that it added value. (It was also sometimes out of sync, as it’s not our “source of truth” for the roadmap.)

We are establishing a regular cadence of interactive roadmap webinars with BDP customers, the first one having happened towards the end of 2023. If you’d like to discuss anything ahead of the next one (next couple of months?), feel free to reach out to your CSM!

Thanks for your answer. Too bad but I can understand it. I took part in the last webinar and liked the format. Looking forward to the next one.

PS: friendly reminder to remove the “broken” roadmap links.