Snowplow Mini 0.14.2 released

We are pleased to announce version 0.14.2 of Snowplow Mini

Mini is now running Enrich 3.2.5

Mini now has Enrich 3.2.5 running inside of it. You’ll be especially interested in this update if you are configuring Custom API Enrichments with an API that checks the Accept header, or a Mailgun webhook. More details are in this release announcement for Enrich 3.2.5.

Version bumps and fixes

Even if you don’t need the latest version of Enrich 3.2.5 on your Mini, it is still a good idea to upgrade to 0.14.2 to ensure that you get the latest security updates and fixes.

Full details in the release notes

You can find out how to get the latest version of Snowplow Mini in the docs.

Setup guide for AWS: Setup Guide for AWS - Snowplow Docs
Setup guide for GCP: Setup Guide for GCP - Snowplow Docs