Snowplow Mini 0.6.1 released

We are excited to announce the release of Snowplow Mini 0.6.1!

This release focuses on bringing the project to a more durable state. Here are some major points:

Bug fixes

  • Fix enrichment upload mechanism where updating an existing enrichment would result in a broken system if the new version is shorter than the existing one
  • Fix initialization of dockerized services, a bug that caused erroneous startup behavior


  • Overhaul of the build process to improve development efficiency
  • Bump Stream Enrich to 0.21.0 to enable recent changes in Stream Enrich
  • Remove the default PII enrichment as it is no longer required to have a PII stream
  • Add Iglu Central’s GCP mirror to the configuration of Iglu Resolver, in addition to existing AWS mirror, to use as fallback in case AWS mirror becomes unavailable
  • Update Control Plane’s dependencies, including but not limited to React (from 0.14.7 to 15.6.1) & axios (from 0.16.2 to 0.19.0) to avoid any discovered security vulnerabilities on their previous versions
  • Use Ubuntu 16.04 instead of 14.04

0.6.1 is available on both AWS and GCP. See the Setup Guide to get started with!

The project, including source code and documentation, can be found here.