Snowplow JavaScript Trackers v3.7.0 released

Snowplow JavaScript Trackers v3.7.0 released

We are pleased to announce version 3.7.0 of the Snowplow JavaScript Trackers!

Version 3.7.0

This release contains a fair amount of fixes in media and YouTube tracking which will increase our coverage of media cases and prevent some issues with known players.

Our media tracking now supports JWPlayer installations, along with <media><source /></media> player architectures. Additionally we fixed a couple of issues with error tracking codes in the YouTube tracker plus correcting values sent for the volumechange event.

Finally we properly guide the developer with a helpful error message when the YouTube plugin is not correctly installed on the application.


Bug fixes:

New features:


Version 3.7.0 is available as @snowplow/browser-tracker on npm, or as the tag based javascript tracker - available on GitHub Releases, jsDelivr or unpkg.