Snowplow JavaScript Trackers v3.24.0 released

Snowplow JavaScript Trackers v3.24.0 released

We are pleased to announce version 3.24.0 of the Snowplow JavaScript Trackers!

Version 3.24.0

This release brings an improvement for single-page-apps that makes it possible to change when the page view ID is generated. It makes it possible to have the page view ID update whenever the URL changes, which enables all events tracked on that page URL to share the same page view ID regardless of the order they are tracked in. You can learn more about the feature in the documentation.


  • Add an option to generate the page view ID according to changes in the page URL to account for events tracked before page views in SPAs (#1307)

Bug fixes

  • Handle Infinity and NaN durations in Html Media Tracking (#1319)
  • Fix custom document title override using setDocumentTitle (#1317) thanks to @marcin-j
  • Export MediaEventType from media plugin (#1315)
  • Fix inconsistent page view IDs when multiple trackers are used on the same page (#1125)

Under the hood

  • Fix running integration tests due to a problem with Micro (#1310)


Version 3.24.0 is available as @snowplow/browser-tracker on npm, or as the tag based javascript tracker - available on GitHub Releases , jsDelivr or unpkg.

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