Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.17.2 released

We’ve released a bug fix to the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker, version 2.17.2. This was contributed by CesarManriqueH, huge thanks for spotting this and fixing it! :tada:

This release fixes an issue introduced in 2.13.0, which prevented dynamic page view contexts recalculating on each page ping event when using activity tracking.

This means code such as the example below, will correct update the time in the context each time a page ping event fires for a give page.

// Turn on page pings every 10 seconds
snowplow('enableActivityTracking', 10, 10);

  // Gets called for page view and each subsequent page ping event
  function() {
    return [{
      schema: 'iglu:com.acme/dynamic_context/jsonschema/1-0-0',
      data: {
        dynamicValue: new Date().toString()

Upgrade steps
You can find the latest release on GitHub:

You can also find the assets on the jsDelivr and cdnjs CDNs:

The Snowplow CDN for JavaScript Assets will be decommissioned on the 1st March. Please upgrade to jsDelivr, cdnjs or to self-hosting (preferred) the JavaScript Tracker.

Fix dynamic contexts not being evaluated on each page ping (#891)