Snowplow Java Tracker v2.0.0 released

This release adds method chaining to Subject, enables using the tracker without an okhttp dependency, and updates the tracker dependencies.


Add builder methods Subject to allow method chaining (#303)
Add okhttp adapter with cookie jar and remove cookie jar from network configuration (#361)

Under the hood
Remove deprecated APIs (#373)
Update to Apache Http Client to v5 (#364)
Upgrade okhttp dependency to version 4.12 (#365)
Bump slf4j-simple and slf4j-api to 2.0.11
Bump junit-jupiter-api to 5.10.1
Bump jackson-databind to 2.16.1
Bump commons-net to 3.10
Bump commons-codec to 1.16
Update copyright headers in source files (#375)


Java tracker version 2.0.0 is available on Maven Central.
The project’s source code can be found here .