Snowplow Indicative Relay 0.3.0 released

We have released a new version of the Snowplow Indicative Relay, the component that lets you load your enriched stream into Indicative.

The main focus of this release is limiting the amount of data relayed to Indicative. This should make it much easier to not breach the Indicative endpoint limits even at high volumes of enriched Snowplow data.

In the previous version, we introduced a cap on how many events can be sent in a single batch. We have now enhanced this by also capping the total payload size.

Additionally, we have added functionality to filter out some data that does not make sense in the Indicative context. There are now three ways in which you can filter the stream of data going to Indicative:

  • filter out specific events.
  • filter out specific canonical event fields
  • filter out specific context fields.

With the first filter, the whole line of data containing the event will not be relayed.

With the second filter, only specified fields of the canonical Snowplow event will be removed and the rest of the data for the event will be relayed.

With the third filter, all the fields belonging to the specified context(s) will be removed and the rest of the data for the event will be relayed.

To find out more about how set up the filters, consult the relay setup guide.

To learn more about the relay, check out the original blog post.


Is this suitable for Windows 10? I am using Windows 10 on my ASUS device. It is showing Asus error code 55 error. Do you have any solution?

Hi @rosey12, the Snowplow Indicative Relay is not meant to be used on your laptop. It’s deployed as a lambda function on AWS. You can find a detailed guide on how to do it here: