Indicative integration


We are following the following blog to integrate snowplough data with indicative

There its mentioned that page_ping events are filtered by defaults, but we are seeing page_ping events in Indicative.

Hi @kaustubh.umalkar,

When you were deploying the lambda function, did you set the UNUSED_EVENTS environment variable? And to what value?

Hi Dilyan,

Initially we tried UNUSED_EVENTS page_ping,file_download
But that didnt work.

In the documentation its mentioned in page_ping is igored by default so we removed the environment variable.

In both cases we see page pings being sent to Indicative.

Hi Dilyan,

  1. Is this the latest code for indicative relay? We can try to debug the above at our side.
  2. Also currently if user is not logged in we pass useid as anon, so this is messing up our indicative data.We may have to add additional fix to handle this anon scenario.

@kaustubh.umalkar Yes, that is the latest code for the relay.

page_pings should be filtered out by default, and using the env var UNUSED_EVENTS=page_ping should also remove them. The results you are reporting are definitely not expected. On our end, testing suggests that page_pings do get excluded…

One thing that could be going on is if you’re setting the value of UNUSED_EVENTS to an empty string – in this case no events will be filtered out.


We were using the jar mentioned in this.It was 0.2.0.jar, I guess the older version.

We took the latest from

And page pings are filtered.


Ah, good catch @kaustubh.umalkar! I’ve fixed the wiki to show the correct current version of the jar.