Snowplow dbt Unified 0.4.3 released

We are excited to announce the release of snowplow-unified v0.4.3!


This release brings a couple of optimizations and fixes: it fixes a syntax error when snowplow__use_refr_if_mkt_null is enabled, optimizes the test snowplow_tests_view_in_session_values , restructures the way users_sessions_this_run table is created to possibly help with query optimization to reduce processing time, and adds further initialization checks which are now tied to the snowplow__enable_initial_checks variable.


  • Add more robust init tests


  • Move tests view in session values to this run
  • Restructure user sessions this run


  • Fix syntax when snowplow__use_refr_if_mkt_null enabled


Update the snowplow-unified version in your packages.yml file.

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