Snowplow AWS Postgres data never loads in DB

I’m new to snowplow. I followed the Quick AWS setup but I can’t get any event in Postgress (Good or Bad). My S3 Bucket has the events.

I published my schema into Postgres and can see them Iglu DB under the table iglu_schemas

When looking into the CloudWatch logs (sp-postgres-loader-enriched-server), I always get this error: Connection refused (Connection refused)

This is the stack:

It seems the Postgres loader can’t communicate with the upstream module.

I need some insight to get this going

Welcome to Snowplow @relstu

May I ask if you change the Iglu Server DNS name in the tfvars file ? It should be Iglu Server DNS output from the Iglu Server stack.

Also, you need to set Iglu super api key to key that you used in the Iglu Server stack.

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@enes_aldemir thanks for your reply… my only issue was that I specified https:// instead of http:// that was it :slight_smile: Just destroyed my Terraform, change the config and re-installed.