Self-describing events table creation

Hi Team,
I deployed Snowplow locally and wanted to start different tests.
Using given Schemas from Snowplow it works well. But I wanted to test a self describing event, which I pushed to iglu and works so far till the data is copied to Redshift. The upload fails due tu “Cannot COPY into nonexistent table”. I thought, that the first time we send data for a new Schema, the Table is created? Is this not the case? Should we create the table manually each time?
If I look into the logs, the table creation process is started and completed with sucess.

But some logs later we have this:

I suspect maybe you have hit an issue where camelCasing in your vendor name has created a discrepancy between your schema name and your table name as camelCasing in the schema is converted to snake_case.

Can you try and use something like com.sevdesk/test2/jsonschema/1-0-0 as your schema name without any camelCasing?

@ebnermic Could you tell me which version you are using ?

I will test this, thanks for the idea!!

I guess you mean the version of the rs-loader? It is 0.1.4

Thanks @mike the camelCasing was in fact the issue!!