SalesForce / CRM support

Anything on the roadmap for CRM webhooks or support like Salesforce?

i know these guys have something but don’t want to pay for it :slight_smile:

Also I see you support MailChimp for a webhook. Anything on roadmap for Sailthru?

Have you looked at using the webhooks functionality in the collector?

Sailthru looks like it has something similar to webhooks (though they seem to call it postbacks?).

I haven’t tried it in Salesforce CRM but I imagine the process will be similar - albeit due to the flexibility of Salesforce you’ll likely need to create custom schemas rather than some of the more generic schemas that are provided via Iglu Central.

@mike sailthru postbacks seems like it would work . great suggestion there thanks. i’ll look into that.

for salesforce, we looked at that and also talked to salesforce about having salesforce send us events as they happen but wasn’t possible or too expensive.


I’m less familiar with Salesforce - it sounds like it’s doable but involves a little bit more effort. From what I can gather the approach below should work.

  1. Create an Apex trigger that is invoked on the sObject(s) that you want to capture data for (you’ll likely want to do this on the insert and update events) e.g.,
    trigger accountTriggerWebhook on Account(after insert, after update)
  2. In the logic of the trigger use a HTTP callout to POST the data to your Snowplow Iglu webhook endpoint.
  3. Ensure that you’ve got corresponding schemas for the create/update objects that you want defined in your Iglu repository.