Run Snowplow in Local Server(Ubuntu)

Is it possible to run snowplow in our local server (ubuntu) without hosting anything in third-party server? According to documentation, we need to host sp.js for Javascript Trcaker Setup. But i want to test in my local computer without hosting anything online sever.

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hi! were u able to do this in your own server?

Hi @Angela_Isabel_Carrer
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I understand that some users are running it ‘bare metal’ but unfortunately don’t have more details at this time.

Eddie (Head of Community)

Hi @Angela_Isabel_Carrer ,

There is no production-ready setup of Snowplow on-premise.

However, for testing purposes, something that you could do would be to setup:

and to use localstack for Kinesis streams.

So this would look like :

tracker → collector → Kinesis stream from localstack → enrich → Kinesis stream from localstack → Postgres loader → Postgres

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This is pretty spot on.

I know it’s possible to run Snowplow entirely locally using this setup (I should probably write a post on this). As @BenB has mentioned - you’ll need to use Localstack for Kinesis and DynamoDB, the collector, enrichment and Postgres loader should run without issues.

I seem to remember that it’s not possible to run localstack without some code changes to these components however, so if you get stuck post here and I’ll see if I can help out.