SnowPlow in AWS

I tried to setup snowplow in local but could not setup. So i am finally about to try to setup in AWS S3. What i will be using is:

Collector: Scala Stream Collector
Tracker: Javascript Tracker
Enrichment: EmrErtRunner
Storage: S3
Is it possible for EmrErtRunner to get data from Scala Stream Collector? If not, then we will use Stream Enrich and for to setup this enrichment, how can we setup in Amazon Kinesis for snowplow?

So can you guys help me how can i setup ? Is there any good links or blogs for setup. I am completely new.

You’re going to want to start here:

You’ll want to use Stream Enrich rather than trying to get events directly from the collector’s raw stream.

At a high level, a real time pipeline should look something like this: