Remote Config for Javascript WebTrackers


Do you have any plans to extend the web trackers to have a remote config similar to the mobile trackers? Do you suggest any suitable alternatives? We are currently looking to package some functionality to retrieve a config file from CDN.

I can imagine the reason for the apps is due to keep old versions of the app out in the wild as up to date as possible.
Although this isn’t a problem on web there are issues we foresee due to the domain pages not being nicely packaged like an app. The main one being that there can often be many third party pages that all need their own tracker implementations. As we manage the pipeline we may want to make changes to the configuration but enforcing updates to the many pages can take a very long time and resource ensuring all parties update to the latest config. This also becomes particularly problematic when trying to apply changes such as session timeout etc.

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This isn’t currently something that we’re looking at although there are some customers who do dynamically load configurations - however most users looking to configure this typically do so via a tag manager which makes it very easy to make the changes and deploy.

Can you elaborate on this? Are these third party pages on your own website, third party websites or something else entirely?

It sounds like maybe tag management may be a good option here if that’s possible with these parties? Although we could add this in to the tracker itself I’d worry that we’d take a performance hit if we needed to remotely fetch this configuration before any tracking could occur.

Hi, Sorry for the delayed response

These are pages hosted on our core domain that are not part or our core platform.

I think we could use a tag manager but this would also have limitations. We would be looking to have a different config per environment potentially when we want to rollout changes to production. Also tag managers are reliant on a third party which is sometimes blocked. I think this would be a nice neat solution for a smaller business though.

The current solution we have developed wraps the basetag and fetches remote config from CDN. This way we can remotely control the various tracker configs centrally. This has made onboarding a lot easier through different areas of the business.