React Native Tracker - identifying domain/session/user

Ah one more thing - I’ve just realised that you may be using one of the community packages for the react native tracker - there’s one that’s based off our node.js tracker (tbh I don’t know if this one’s very stable).

There’s one that datacamp developed, which bridges the mobile tracker’s functionality (which is awesome, but we can’t rely on them to carry the burden of maintenance).

Then there’s our one which is very new, quite experimental (alpha stage), and is basically us picking up the torch from datacamp on their approach (they were kind enough to offer us guidance on the process too).

I’ve posted in another thread with a dump of my notes on getting the latter to run, and I’ll be releasing a new alpha version with some bugfixes very soon (as in, maybe even today all going well).

I’m not sure if that one has the mobile context currently, but if it doesn’t currently, I have a high degree of confidence that it will in future.

Hope that’s useful.

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