Page pings associating with incorrect web page context when using multiple trackers

Hey all - we recently ran into an issue when we added a second tracker to our site, where the page pings are only associating with the web page context from one of the trackers. Our expected behavior is that both trackers share the same web page context (and thus the same page_view_id), but it seems like all page pings are being associated with the tracker that fires first. Example below:

As you can see, one of the trackers fires a page view event that has no associated page ping data (or SDEs for that matter) - thus showing 0 time on page in our data models (this is how we noticed the issue). It’s an orphaned page view.

What’s even weirder is this doesn’t always happen - it seems to happen randomly, which has us puzzled. Also, on our marketing sites (this is our product site) the behavior is what we’d expect, two trackers sharing the same web page context. Example of expected behavior below:

Is this something anyone has dealt with before?

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It seems like there is an ongoing issue (originally opened October 2022) that shows similar behavior - Issue 1125. This leads me to believe others have struggled with this same problem.

The interesting thing is this problem doesn’t present itself in our website tracking, but rather is limited to an SPA we are trying to run separate trackers on. I can’t help but think this is a bug with SPA tracking.