Optimizely X plugin

Hi, we have just implemented the Optimizely X plugin.

I get the following table: “atomic”.com_optimizely_optimizelyx_summary_1

With the following fields:

Shouldn´t I get more fields?

How should I analyze it?
How do I know if a variation won, lost or is inconclusive?

And what should I do with the visitor ID and the experiment ID? Don´t I get another table with the data of those id´s?

Hi LuRib,

We grab these fields in the plugin using what is available to the Javascript tracker. You can use this information to look at exposures to experiments, and then go and tie that to conversion events or other events that you may be tracking.

Optimizely does not expose this information via Javascript so we are unable to retrieve it in the plugin. Variation results are typically not event level (rather an aggregate of event level data) so this is not exposed to the client.

Similar to the information above this information is not exposed by Optimizely in the client - the visitor ID uniquely identifies the visitor in the Optimizely platform so doesn’t need much additional context and the experiment ID should correspond to your experiment setup in Optimizely. Currently the easiest way to fetch this is via their API.