Empty fields to store data of event

Hi, we are using snowplow open source to track data of our web pages users. So far, it’s incredible!!

We added two new custom events which are the optimize and intellimize.

We capture the events correctly. We need to track the rank and position of when this event happened. For example, we need to know what was the session number (domain_sessionidx). For analyzing the effect of intellimize. We already use the 5 se fields. Are there any other fields that we can use, we need 2 more…


You’ll want to create your own custom self-describing event, this way you can completely tailor to your needs.

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Hi, we have two events that we created and store in se_catogory. We already use the other se fields for those events, but we need two more fields to store the ranking and position. Where should I store them, in which empty fields?
I dont want to create another event just to store those values…

@LuRib, what you have implemented is called “structured” events. As such the fields number and their types are predefined. With “structured” event you can use up to 5 fields as per this document. If your event definition does not fit into this 5-field structure, you would have to use “unstructured” self-describing events.