Node.js tracker does not support true timestamp


After many tests, it appears that the Node.js (0.3.0) tracker does not support the use of the true timestamp feature. Our conclusions:

  • when you pass a number, it will fill the dvce_created_tstamp instead of the true_tstamp which can be seen here in the core tracker. Therefore the derived_tstamp will not work with it.
  • if you force it and pass an object such as { type: ‘ttm’, value: 1588007187000 } it will fail enrichment because it still uses the payload_json schema version 1-0-0 which does not support the “ttm” property.

Could we maybe have a fix?



This is certainly planned for the next NodeJS release, we have the issue here and a PR to bump to payload_json here. I don’t have a time frame on when this will be released but we have some upcoming work on the JS core soon so I’ll see if we can push a NodeJS release out too along with that.