How to send true timestamp using the ttm parameter?


I am facing a problem. Suppose while tracking an event the device time is in different zone, collector is in different zone and my server is in different time zone.

e.g :

If device is in IST and collector is in UTC and my server is in CDT. Now I am tracking events in some separate table as well where I am storing server time stamp which is in CDT. Now I want to join my event table with that other table using collector time stamp but i can not because both time stamps are different.

I am thinking to send server time as a separate parameter (say ttm) so that i can join my other event table with snowplow events table using ttm instead of collector time stamp. But I am not able to send ttm as parameter? Is there any way I can achieve this?


Hey Rahul,

Unfortunately the true timestamp field, ttm, is not supported in any of our trackers yet. The tickets are as follows, feel free to +1 the ticket for the tracker you need this support for:

In the meantime, an alternative solution would be to add the server timestamp as a custom context to your events. It might be tempting to misuse the dtm field and put the server timestamp in there, but I would not do this as it will break the derived timestamp calculation…