No Iglu Webhook data in Redshift after YAUAA enrichment

We have recently activated the enrichment Yet Another UserAgent Analyzer. It works well.
Then we have implemented an Igloo Webhook for elasticemail.

Then after executing Emr-etl runner the information is not loaded in Redshift. If we deactivate the enrichment, the data is loaded without problems.

Reviewing logs seems that the problem may be in the field enum “deviceClass”.
One of these values ​​is expected in the schema:

“deviceClass”: {
“description”: “See”,
“enum”: [“Desktop”, “Anonymized”, “Unknown”, “Mobile”, “Tablet”, “Phone”, “Watch”, “Virtual Reality”, “eReader”, “Set-top box”, " TV “,” Game Console “,” Handheld Game Console “,” Voice “,” Robot “,” Robot Mobile “,” Spy “,” Hacker "]

However, the following value arrives:

contexts_nl_basjes_yauaa_context_1: {“deviceClass”: “UNKNOWN”}
Can it be by capital letters?

Some help?

I’ve created a pull request to address this as Snowplow currently sets the deviceClass to UNKNOWN for a null or empty userAgent string.

In the mean time to avoid events failing validation it’s probably easiest to override the schema in your local Iglu registry by adding UNKNOWN to the enum options.

Thank you, @mike!!