Schema datatypes for use with Iglu Webhook adapter

I’m looking at implementing the Iglu webhook adapter, and I’ve seen the note about all GET requests being stringly typed.

Does this mean that I can only use it with schemas containing fields of a string type, or will the ETL process try to cast them to e.g. Integers during shredding when appropriate?

Hi @iain - correct, for a GET request all parameters will be stringly typed, because there is no channel to pass information on what other types should be used. If that is a deal-breaker, then your best bets are:

  1. Send in a properly typed JSON as a POST
  2. Write a dedicated Snowplow input adapter in Scala for your given webhook/integration

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response. That’s okay for now. I’ll create a schema using string types and do conversion in Redshift, then look at a dedicated adapter later on.

Thanks @iain - we’re always looking for new sources support for Snowplow, so do please open a PR with a dedicated adapter when you get the chance!

I’m using a string datatype with a pattern of:


Then a decimal (14,4) datatype with redshift - will that work okay ?