.Net - How to set subject per event instead of in constructor


We are trying to implement your product in our .net website for sending data to a 3third party.
We are seeing that the tracker is a singleton. Check, that’s what we expected!

So we are creating a tracker once in initialization and target this tracker to send events from all of our website users.

The problem we are now facing is that he user information like user_id and user_platform is part of the subject and this can only be provided to the tracker.
But this tracker is 1 instance for all users…so we dont know these values when creating the tracker.

We would expect that we could provide these values at the moment that we track an event, but we cant find any posibility.
Are we missing something or isn’t this possible atm?

Hi @vvdl
Welcome to the community!

You are correct, this is currently a limitation of the .Net tracker. It’s the top priority of the next .Net Tracker release to resolve this, but we haven’t got around to doing it yet. I’d like to think we will find the time during Q2 to update it, as it has been a little while!

As a workaround (or maybe even better solution than using the atomic fields), I’d suggest creating your own context schema which contains your own subject/user parameters and passing them into each event as a separate context. The benefit here is that they can be whatever you want them to be and you can define, describe and create your own validation rules within the schema for each property of your subject/user.