Issue with Android sdk upgrade to 5.0.0


Recently we have tried upgrading our android tracker to v5.0.0 from v1.7.0. The collectors are receiving the events but it doesnt have the user_id. Below is how we have tried setting the user id with SetUserId.
Can I get some help in understanding what is going wrong with below setup ?

SubjectConfiguration subjectConfiguration = new SubjectConfiguration();

return Snowplow.createTracker(context,

Any help is appreciated.


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Thank you for reporting this bug, @Dhruvi!

I was able to verify that the v5 of the Android tracker does not track the user ID set in SubjectConfiguration. We will release a quick patch release to fix this bug. I will update here when the patch release is out.

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We have just released version 5.0.1 of the Android tracker that fixes the bug with user ID set in subject configuration not being added to events. Here is the release announcement. It might take a few hours for the Maven repository to update and show the package.

Thanks again for reporting this, @Dhruvi!

hello @matus - thank you for the quick patch. It solved our issue :slight_smile: