Multiple enrichment using helm charts

Hi guys, I am trying different enrichment(ua_parser,custom_api_enrichment etc) in our pipeline using helm charts. When using only one enrichment the enrichment happens but on adding multiple enrichments one below the other in values.yaml, other enrichments are not populating the desired fields. Can someone help

The easiest way for us was not to add it to the values but as external files so that you have a folder structure like


that you can then include in a configmap as in the documentation: Helm | Accessing Files Inside Templates

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best, Christoph

Hey @Sn123 which helm chart are you using? Have you verified the target volume has all of the files for each individual enrichment?

@josh out curiosity: do you already provide helm charts for the services? I saw that in the devops group there are first repos but I was not quite sure how mature they are (e.g. is there already one for the collectors, enrichers and loaders)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @capchriscap not yet but I hope to at some point this year! We have developed some service agnostic charts so far which we will use as the basis for our applications but my hope is to deliver each app as a standalone chart + umbrella charts with some basic pipeline reference topologies built in.

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