Custom enrichments and data modelling

I have implemented the snowplow pipeline on GCP following simo ahava`s tutorial. But I have no clues what to do next? how can I further apply custom enrichments and do data modeling in more intuitive way to get the most out of my data?

Do we have any enhanced tutorial for setting up custom enrichments and data modeling?


Hi @Arslan_Mehmood ,

I’m not sure if this will answer specifically what you’re looking for (I’ve got more experience with using the data than setting up the infra), but it should just be a matter of creating and uploading configs for the enrichments you want to use.

This post has some examples of these from another user - perhaps that gives you what you’re looking for?

As far as data modeling goes, that’s simply a matter of writing a set of SQL statements or a dataflow job which implements the logic that gets you to the insights you’re looking for.