Multiple domains in referer parser

We are configuring the referer parser enrichment and I see that we can provide a list of internal subdomains which will be treated as “internal” rather than unknown.
We want to track several websites with several domains and analyze them separately.
Is it possible to specify internal subdomains for each domain?
Thank you!

@mosan, you can specify any domains and subdomains whichever you consider to be internal for your business.

Thank you @ihor
Let me explain our approach to see if it’s correct.
We want to track information of different customer websites. is the Customer A website which also contains the following subdomains: is the Customer B website which also contains the following subdomains: is the Customer C website which also contains the following subdomains:

We have Google Analytics in each website so we think it’s a good idea to set the appId variable of the Javascript tracker with its UA-XXXXXXXX-XX (property ID) value.

All the trackers send information to the same Collector and all data is stored in one Redshift Table.
Our goal is to provide our Customers an Online tool to analyze their website traffic.

If this is correct we’ll need to considerate and internal for, internal for and so on…

Is our approach correct?

@mosan, your approach makes sense to me. As you collect data from various customers of yours and processes it in the very same pipeline, the referrer parser enrichment is common (the same) regardless of which website the data is coming from. That is the configuration file will contain all those subdomains as a single list. Having dedicated appid which distinguishes between those data will allow you to expose the data to the specific client based on the appid.

Just wanted to mention that it does not necessarily have to be a subdomain. It could be a completely different domain marked as internal (if added to the configuration file and indeed considered to be internal to a client).