We have a site with subdomains

These subdomains are using different instances of the Snowplow trackers because they are served by different codebases.

Is it possible to get consistent domain_userids across these two domains? In theit says: Instagram marketing strategy
“Set the cookie domain for the tracker instance using the cookieDomain field of the argmap. If this field is not set, the cookies will not be given a domain.”

I’m assuming that if we don’t set cookieDomain, it’s not like a magical wildcard that will get us what we want.

So if we set the cookieDomain in both tracker instances to

The discoverRootDomain config option for the Javascript tracker will set the domain to the root domain automatically. If you use that on all your subdomains, then cookie domains should match.

If you need to set them manually, then as long as you set them to the same value (and that’s a valid cookie domain for the pages), then yes the cookie should be shared across domains.

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