Mobile trackers and Real User Monitoring

I can see snowplow javascript tracker for web provides performance events and also core web vitals.
I’m looking for a similar Real User Monitoring features in the mobile trackers(Android and iOS).
Also, Is there any open source 3rd party app which can collect me some basic metrics on Android and iOS apps which i can push to my snowplow collector using custom events?


Hi @Manoj_Babu_Katragadd,

The iOS and Android trackers do not currently have an equivalent feature to the core web vitals performance metrics on Web. But we’d be happy to hear your feedback what specifically you are interested in as we may look into introducing something similar in the future.

There are a couple of related features in the mobile trackers that I can point you to:

  1. Timing events which you can manually track to measure specific parts of your application that you are interested in.
  2. The mobile context entity that is automatically tracked with events and gives information about the device such as the available memory, battery level and more.
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Thanks for the clarification @matus. Timing events are helpful, but we need to track them manually.
I’m actually looking for things similar to android-vitals and firebase performance monitoring.
Ref: Contrôle des performances  |  App quality  |  Android Developers
There are a bunch of things which are automatically tracked and flushed in batches.

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