Missing Pageview events but receiving Structured and Backend events

There is a group of users who are missing pageview events but are creating structured events and backend events. If they had blocked all frontend Javascript, then their structured events would also not have been created. What other reasons could there be for such a discrepancy?

@Hasan_Shaukat, if you run single-page app then you might get missing pageviews as the page_view event gets fired on page load. You might need to fire it manually on the page update (new page rendered without reloading)

Actually by “my app” I meant my organisation’s website, which is not a single-page app. And one structured event only appears upon a page load, which does appear in this case and is a client-side event.

It’s hard to know exactly without knowing the details of the implementation.

Is the event firing on the front end? Is it making to the collector with a 200 response? If it’s making it to the tracker is the payload getting marked as bad by the collector (too large?). If it’s making to the enrichment step is it failing validation for some reason?

Thanks, I’ll try that