React - Browser Tracker - StructEvent


We have a landing “page” and on it is button for Cancelling. If we click the ‘cancel’ button the the browser starts loading the cancellation flow faster than the Structured Event can fire. If we remove the link from the button so that it goes nowhere and keep the Structured Event and click we can see it fire successfully.

Is there a known/recommended method for handling this?


I’d typically expect the event to fire along with the page view on the subsequent page, assuming Snowplow tracking is also on the cancellation flow and has the same tracker namespace, name and eventMethod.

Other than that, moving the tracking server side is a reasonable idea here if there are backend calls, or adding a query string on the page navigation to track an event from the cancellation page or add context to the cancellation pages page view event.

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Thanks @PaulBoocock, we couldn’t see it in the Network tab or via the Poplin plugin, so after you mentioned it should fire along with the page view on the subsequent page I went looking post good stream and there it is… I went as far as installing Charles just to see how its making it to the collector and beyond, not something we’ve experienced to date.