Kibana reporting the longest field names I have ever seen for unstructured events

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In an attempt to create custom schemas we are testing snowplows basic social interaction schema. Unfortunately, when it is viewed in Kibana the field names are incredibly long and unmanageable. This happens one of our custom schemas, so we tested a built-in “socialInteraction” schema and get the same thing. Now I’m wondering… if it’s just me.

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Question 1
Is this normal (just a Kibana thing) and should I just be ok with field names that are a mile long?

Question 2
If there IS an issue how does one fix it. As It would make me warm and fuzzy inside if my field names for custom context/schemas were nornal looking :wink:

Any insight is appreciated. Our end goal is to use Kibana for visualization and ES for real-time api for our front-end.

Hi @Ryan_Turner Welcome to the Snowplow Discourse! It looks like something went wrong with the image you uploaded, could you try again so we can see what the field names look like?

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Sure. Sorry. Lets try this screenshot.

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This is generally the format / convention that you’ll see for enriched events which follows the convention of

[unstruct_event | contexts]_[vendor]_[eventname]_[modelversion]

It’s a little lengthy with the namespacing to ensure that it’s possible to disambiguate between what is a context (and what isn’t) as well as avoiding collisions between any event names that are shared between multiple vendors.

If you’d like for these names to appear in a neater format for visualisation in Kibana - you can setup an alias mapping for fields in Elasticsearch that you would like to effectively rename.


Awesome. Thanks. It helps us understand that we aren’t doing anything wrong. Great hint on the aliases.