JS tracker simulation?

Hey there - I’m self-hosting snowplow (snowplow JS tracker + EMR ETL runner + RDP loader, etc.) and I want to simulate some traffic on my local instance. Here is what I have:
On a loop:

  • Call ‘setUserId’ with a known customer ID
  • Trigger a few random structured events for that customer
  • Repeat…

This has gone well to test the EMR ETL runner and getting data from Redshift, but I want to simulate geography as well. I started down this path but before I dive too deep I was wondering if anyone has used a tool to do this, or if snowplow has a ‘JS tracker simulator’ already available for use.

Would love any help on this - please and thank you

Snowplow has a project called Avalanche which should be adaptable for your purposes for load testing.

With respect to geographic testing - you could run Avalanche (or some other load testing program) from multiple AWS regions which we achieve something similar (but not exactly the same).

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Perfect thanks a lot @mike