Collect data from existing java-script trackers in Snowplow

I am a new Snowplow user and am trying to figure out how to best implement Snowplow in our organisation. We have been capturing and analyzing event level data for some years now using our custom build solutions in Kafka. For this we have implemented java-script trackers in our platforms. The end solution we are aiming for is using Snowplow java-script trackers, but we would like to reuse the existing ones to reduce the workload on our platform developers in the short term. Is their a way of doing this?

Hi @Sdiemel Welcome to Snowplow!

There is no easy way of achieving this really but a few ideas for you to investigate do spring to mind.

You could attempt to update your existing trackers to conform to the protocol of the Snowplow collector ( but I imagine it would be less effort to simply move to implementing the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker on your site. You could perhaps wrap the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker inside of your existing trackers and leverage it to send the events to your Snowplow collector.