Issues with Access Instance on Startup

Hello! We’re trying to setup Snowplow mini but after following the quick start instructions (and selecting the 0.2 AMI type) we’re not able to directly access any of the ports. The machine appears to be up and we can get a snapshot of the console through AWS. Are there any IP Tables or other local settings that might interfere with accessing the services/machine?


Hi @katharine,

If you followed the steps described in Quickstart guide, then you should have created a Security Group. In there, you have specified the IP addresses you will be accessing the app from (together with the ports).

Could you verify the IP range you included is the one you are trying to access your instance of Snowplow Mini from? Could you verify the network you are accessing the app allows the outbound traffic on those ports?

You can check your own IP by visiting

You can check the Security Group (rules) associated with the application by going to the “Description” of the launched EC2 and clicking on the “View rules” next to the “Security groups”.

Does your IP matches the rules?


@ihor - not sure what the issues were. Trying again from the start seemed to work. Thanks!