Is there a way to pseudonymization in geo_longitude and geo_latitude

Hi guys,
I’ve been doing a good implementation for pseudonymization of the fields based in:

But sadly geo_longitude and geo_latitude are not there. Is there a way to include these fields?

Couldnt find this in google or forum :frowning:

Thank you

Not at this stage unfortunately. What sort of values would you like / prefer to be in these columns?

Both geo_longitude and geo_latitude are numeric so they can’t really be hashed as the downstream destinations are typed as doubles / floats so hashing them (with one of the current algorithms) would result in a string that can’t be inserted into the table.

That leaves our potential options as:

  • having a new hashing method where the digest can be a number / float (I don’t think this exists in the current Apache Commons library used for hashing).
  • nulling out the column entirely or filling with 0’s
  • truncating the value or transforming the value in the Javascript enrichment (this is likely the easiest option as it doesn’t require any core codebase changes).

Yes, I imagined something like that, and it makes sense. Thanks Mike for your help, really appreciated