GDPR and IP adresses

Hi all,

As GDPR is getting closer, i wanted to tackle quite important issue, namely storing IP addresses. We all know, we can anonymise IP address with enrichment, which is quite convenient. Moreover this ensures rest of the stack to work as expected.

Unfortunately I have quite a different use scenario: there are reasons, I want/need to backup raw data stream in realtime Snowplow. This makes colisilon with GDPR, where user IP address is considered to be personal information. Are there any plans to move IP anonymisation to collector? It would be best if it could keep compatibility with current enrichments - especially geo IP.

I had a bit of a conversation about this over here where I’ve linked to @yali’s reply at that was very useful. This is a much more obvious place for the discussion.

Yes, the ticket is here:

No plans to move geo-IP to the collector, so this enrichment will break.