Collect IP address in anonymous tracking

Hi, is it possible to collect IP addresses while using anonymous tracking settings in the JS v3 tracker as follows?

anonymousTracking: {withServerAnonymisation: true}

The end goal is to be GDPR compliant by not collecting any kind of user id while preserving IP addresses so we can get enriched geo country information for analytics.

IP addresses is personal information

Hi @azclub,

We aren’t lawyers so obviously can’t advise on what is or isn’t GDPR compliant - so as always with this topic we recommend making sure your plan achieves compliance.

As for the question of collecting IP addresses but not cookie identifiers - there’s a section in this blog called " Disable cookies but capture IP addresses", which describes exactly that use case.

You also have the option to do that, and use the IP anonymisation enrichment to then remove the IP addresses (it will run after geolocation is done).

Hope that helps!

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