Integrating Snowplow to a vue.js application

Good day!

I have a freshly pressed and squeezed vue.js application that would benefit enormously from some analytics being output from it and being pushed towards some collectors somewhere - snowplow would appear to be the best tool - but I find nothing when it comes to vue.js

Is vue.js a supported framework within the snowplow ecosystem?
If not, has anyone adapted snowplow for vue?
If it is supported or packaged nicely somewhere - could someone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Matthew Wooller

Hi @mwooller,

I haven’t tested on vue.js specifically, but sine it’s a javascript framework the javascript tracker is your best bet.

You can test it out by setting up a Snowplow Mini instance and sending some events.

Snowplow Mini is a small-scale real-time instance of Snowplow, which works for smaller volumes. We mostly use it for testing but it is a good way to scope out your tracking. It doesn’t take long to set up - the first time I did it took about 45 minutes with little experience of AWS.

The release notes for Snowplow Mini have some good directions on using the interface.

Good luck!



You can definitely use Snowplow from a Vue app using the Javascript tracker as @Colm has mentioned above. Here’s two (non-exhaustive) ways to do this

  • Have a number of methods which utilise the Snowplow Javascript methods to send events
  • Have a number of methods which push (and/or replicate your VueX state) into the dataLayer and use GTM or a tag manager to trigger these events. This method is often much easier if you storing a large number of state details.