I'm having issues running the e2eBrowser tests (locally)

Good morning everyone,

I cloned the snowplow-javascript-tracker repo on my machine, followed all the basic steps mentioned in the project’s README:

npm install -g @microsoft/rush
rush update
rush build

I tested it, and there were errors in some instances of the test.

I tried running the end2end test, and it’s not able to run on my current Chrome driver instance.

Can someone help me out?

My operating system is:
WSL Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS -
Windows 11

Hey @PiluVitu. You have two options. Either downgrade the version of Chrome you have running to version 114 or upgrade the chrome driver version in your clone of the repo to version 120


I have attempted to downgrade the Chrome version without success and encountered difficulty in locating the necessary resources. Could you kindly guide me on how to update the driver version within the repository clone? Additionally, I am curious to know if Snowplow recommends a specific version of Chrome and ChromeDriver, or if utilizing the latest version would not result in any errors?

@PiluVitu what are you trying to achieve?

Are you trying to develop changes/modifications to our javascript/node tracker, or just trying to track events?

@Colm I would like to track events in my application.

Great - so the good news is you don’t need to fix this issue, run these tests at all, or even fork the repo. The guide you’d have followed would be for making changes to the SDK itself.

But for adding tracking to your application, what you’ll need is to use the SDK, which is much simpler.

This page should help find the correct SDK for your platform - if it’s a server then likely node tracker, if it’s a web app then likely browser tracker.

Assuming it’s a web app, here’s the quickstart guide. I’m impatient so that’s what I usually start with :smiley:

I hope that helps! Feel free to open another thread if you hit a roadblock. :slight_smile:

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@Colm thanks a lot for the help! I would have never realized I downloaded the developer version. But, this solution would be for using the Snowplow’s own server, right? Because what I was trying to do was to set up a custom Snowplow server to store events in my personal database. Would it still work this way, or is there another way to go about it?

Thank you again!

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Right, so it sounds like you don’t have a pipeline yet and that’s what you’re aiming to set up.

Here’s the relevant docs for that.