Iglu Server Statsd Monitoring

Hi Everyone,

I was checking the Statsd monitoring configurations for collector, enrich and iglu server.
While I was able to find references for the collector and enrich but did not find any references for iglu server.

Can somebody share any references for Statsd config for iglu server?

Thank you.

Hi @Jayant_Kumar there isn’t currently any exposed StatsD metrics for this service. Did you have particular metrics you were interested in having exposed?

Hi @josh

Thank you for your time.

I was thinking to plot the RPS, latency and throughput. That should be sufficient to observe the state and highlight bottlenecks on iglu server if any.

Hi @Jayant_Kumar so most if not all of those metrics you should be able to derive directly from a load balancer upstream of the service - are you directly connecting or do you have something like an Application Load Balancer sitting in-front?

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Yes @josh I think that should work.

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