Iglu Server 0.8.3 released

We are pleased to announce version 0.8.3 of Iglu Server.

Iglu server is a http api implementation of an Iglu schema repository.
It is extensively used by snowplow pipelines, for storing and versioning the schemas of events and entities.
Our docs site has a guide to run and configure the server.

Running Iglu server setup multiple times no longer returns an error

When bringing up an Iglu server for the first time, it is necessary to
ensure certain tables and definitions are available. This only needs to be done when the database is first created, but now this setup can be run multiple times without error, where subsequent runs of the setup simply do not change anything rather than throwing an error.

This is beneficial because now it is no longer required to ensure that the setup is not run more than once.

Upgrading to 0.8.3

If you are already using version 0.8.0 then you can simply start using the new docker image without making any changes:

docker pull snowplow/iglu-server:0.8.3

Our docs site has instructions on setting up an Iglu Server
and a full list of all configuration options